Presently we have scooters, Motorcycles and Cycles in our steadily expanding portfolio to cover a diverse range of users from college/tutorial going students, the gentlemen and ladies running home errands, to men and women commuting to work to the requirements of high-speed trendy. We aim to provide technology to every range of vehicle user and to fit every budget.

 We will also take pride in providing the charging infrastructure, i.e. battery charging station, preferably with solar panels.

We aim at to partner this phase of transport evolution in Odisha and in India from the conceptual stage, and be the leaders of this change management. India, being the home to a large population of two wheelers is placed at the most appropriate platform to set an example to the entire world by the speed and ease of adoption to a new age environment friendly technology.

Our design of products to suit the Indian road conditions and tested them through more users before making an initial offer to any customer, also in the process of taking testing approval from different applicable Indian Government agencies.

Our aim is not only to introduce new designed product or technology but also to extend a complete service support, train the users to help them achieve maximum benefit, time and again.


To enhance the customer satisfaction with quality service


To be the No 1 in the E Vehicle industry through out India